This collection of CXs is intended for use by anyone who needs the functionality provided.


Class Summary
DateValidation The DateValidation CX provides validateDate to validate a date that the user has entered in a Text Feature and update the formatting of the date shown in the Text Feature.
RequireText The RequireText CX allows the user to create a relationship between a TextFeature and another model node to determine when the TextFeature is required.
SetInstanceCount The SetInstanceCount CX contains a method for setting the number of instances of a ComponentSet based on the current state of another model node.
Version The Version CX provides a method to access the version number of the KatharsysPub in use.
WriteAttribute WriteAttribute CX writes a single node as an attribute in the saved configuration tables.

Package Description

This collection of CXs is intended for use by anyone who needs the functionality provided. Since the CXs were created for general use, they are intended to be simple and generic. If you find that the CXs don't provide what you need, you may need to create your own or hire somebody to do it for you. But my hope is that the simple functionality addressed in this ready-to-use CX library will provide some locations with the functionality they need but have been unable to create on their own.

I encourage feedback on my work here. If you have find something that doesn't work like you expect or have an idea for a simple improvement, please contact me at the address shown on the web site. Also, if you have an idea for a CX that should be in this library, let me know that too and if it seems to me like a good addition, I'll write it and add it to the library. Keep in mind that most of the CXs in this library were written in less than a day - a CX that takes me longer to write is probably not very generic or probably not something that I would want to give away for free!

Also note that while I am happy to give away this library for free, I do not give away the source code for free. Even though the source is, in most cases, trivial, I wouldn't want free source to undermine my ability to write custom code for paying customers who need more advanced versions of the contents of the library.

Finally, please note that the library does come with an Software License Agreement (SLA) and you should read it before continuing.

Copyright © 2010 Katharsys LLC. All Rights Reserved. Implementation-Version: 0.1-b46