Public CX Library

Through the years, I've come across a number of CXs that seem to be pretty popular. I decided it might be worthwhile to create new versions of these CXs that would be broadly applicable to anyone who is running Oracle Configurator. The Public CX Library which contains these CXs can be downloaded below.

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If you'd like a glimpse of what is in the library, you can read the library's javadoc. The javadoc is also included in the download. Source code is not included in the download and is not available.

If you have any questions about the library, feel free to send a message to the address on the lower left. I'd be interested in how it works, if anyone encounters any problems, or if anyone has suggestions for improvement.

A note for my past and current clients: Rest assured that all the code in this library was written new from the ground up for this project. Although some of the functionality may be similar to CXs I've written before, writing code for an open audience has a different set of requirements than a single customer and as such the code ends up with different behavior. The customer specific versions I have written in the past are more comprehensive and written for your environments.

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