Need Oracle Configurator Extensions or Functional Companions?
You've probably already discovered that you don't have many options. Other than Oracle Consulting, organizations that claim expertise in Oracle Configurator don't have enough knowledge or expertise to deliver a solid Configurator Extension / Functional Companion solution nor can they deliver it as fast as I can. Knowing Java is only a good start - you also need to know the Configurator runtime model structure, Configurator APIs, CZ database, Configurator rules, and runtime UI.
Or maybe you need some help with Oracle Configurator modeling?
As is the case with Configurator Extensions or Functional Companion development, you'll find other consultants claiming to know the Oracle Configurator product and offering to do model development. But will the models they produce run efficiently? Are the rules used the best ones for your implementation and how will those rules hold up over time as your product or service evolves? And are you really getting the most out of Oracle Configurator? To answer these questions, you need somebody like me who has had extensive experience with the Configurator product.
New to Oracle Configurator and not sure what you're looking for yet?
I've created a Quick Guide for Configurator that describes much of what you'd need to know before looking for consulting help. My Configurator expertise covers both Config Level 2 and Config Level 3, as described in the document. (I'll keep updating the doc as I come up with new content to include. And feel free to send me a topic you think I should include.)
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